RE: Thumbnails instead of icons?

From Jared Potter
DateWed, 22 May 2002 10:26:55 -0700
Subject RE: Thumbnails instead of icons?
Agreed. If he does have the time it would be great if he could post it on
the list directly. My organization is ramping up to do a digital photo

Jared Potter
Mercy Corps

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Subject: Re: Thumbnails instead of icons?

Stefan, Gordon:
Yes -- agree Gordon's photo collection is ultra-cool -- and it's also
exactly what I want to do.
I can't find any reference to it in the archives, though.

Gordon, could you please help?

What should the appropriate lines in the config files look like, and what
should be the structure of the data files -- there are three image files
(thumbnail, screensized and full) to be accommodated?

I'm using Greenstone 2.36 on a Windows 98 machine.

Thanks and best wishes


Paul Mundy
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Subject: Re: Thumbnails instead of icons?

Hi Paul,

I guess what you want is something similar to Gordon Paynters very cool
"photograph album" collection

I think Gordon has explained some of how he did it on the list at various
times, maybe you could have a search of the archives for some of his posts
(mailing list archives can be found at Failing that,
maybe if Gordon has time he could make his config files available to you to
have a look at.


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Sent: Sunday, May 19, 2002 4:32 AM
Subject: Thumbnails instead of icons?

> Greetings from Indonesia.
> Is it possible to tweak Greenstone somehow so it displays an image
> instead of an icon in the list of found documents?
> This would be useful for collections of images: each image could be stored
> in its own HTML document, and the user could preview thumbnails, then
> on the one s/he wanted to open the full image.
> Thanks and best wishes
> Paul
> Paul Mundy
> development communication specialist