RE: PHP scripts in macro files?

From Jared Potter
DateWed, 12 Jun 2002 15:51:16 -0700
Subject RE: PHP scripts in macro files?
That's what I was afraid of..

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Subject: Re: PHP scripts in macro files?

On Wednesday 12 June 2002 12:29, Jared Potter wrote:
> Hello, I'm trying to get a php script to work in a macro file. Does
> anyone have any familiarity with this? All I'm able to see is the
> source code. Not helpful at all. :)

I think the problem is that your web server (presumably apache) can
treat a program as a CGI script or a PHP script but not both.
However, you want to run the CGI script and then grab the output and
have it treated as PHP.

My knowledge on this topic is lmited, but I suspect that this is
possible but not easy to do. I'd search the web for someone who has
done if I were you. However, you might be reduced to writing scripts
that do it for you.