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From Jay Clark
DateThu Jul 1 05:46:41 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Compiling new pdftohtml
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Thank you Katherine,
I ended up putting a symbolic link to my system's version of pdftohtml. That seems to have worked a little bit.

I'm still having issues with PDF files with horrible output. I'm looking into using newer versions of xpdf, ghostscript, and imagemagick, but I'm a bit lost when it comes to knowing when those programs get used in Greenstone's process of importing and building my collection.

Another issue I'm having is creating a single cover image for a pdf file. I've looked through the "How to Build a Digital Library" book, which mentions cover.jpg extensively, but I seem to have missed where (or if) it discusses how to create that image via Greenstone's import/build process. Is that something Greenstone can do? I see it in so many online libraries and collections that I assume it does.


On 6/28/10 5:21 PM, "Katherine Don" <kjdon@cs.waikato.ac.nz> wrote:

Hi Jay

In Greenstone we have a wrapper script bin/script/pdftohtml.pl which calls pdftohtml. It is hard coding the path to pdftohtml as
# formulate the command
my $cmd = &util::filename_cat($ENV{'GSDLHOME'}, "bin", $ENV{'GSDLOS'}, "pdftohtml");

You could either modify the path in this file, or copy the new pdftohtml binary into bin/darwin (mac) or bin/linux (linux)


Jay Clark wrote:
Compiling new pdftohtml Hello,
I've used Macports to download a new version of pdftohtml to use in my Greenstone library and I was hoping someone on the list might be able to lend some assistance with making sure that version of pdftohtml is being used. If anyone has Mac/Linux experience and is willing to assist me, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you,
Jay Clark

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