[greenstone-users] Newbie: Various questions/issues with GSDL 2.4.1 (MacOSX)

From Jeremy Mears
DateThu, 5 Feb 2004 00:25:45 +1100
Subject [greenstone-users] Newbie: Various questions/issues with GSDL 2.4.1 (MacOSX)

Things are going well with Greenstone but i've hit a few snags.

My project has a search function and a browsing of the documents thru a
hierachiel structure. I tagged the docs with <Section> tags to get the
structure for the "Browse" classifier. That's working well.

I do have a few questions tho:

1/ I gave up on the InDesign docs i had and went back to the Word
files for the tagging i needed to do. The Word docs had images
embedded in them, these didn't come thru the import into Greenstone.
Is this normal? How do i make it work?

2/ I might still need to deal with PDF files, so if i tag them
(<!--<Section><Description> etc) will these be stripped out by the
PDF2HTML conversion? What about any embedded images, are they included?

3/ I've read "Customizing the Greenstone User Interface" and have come
some way in getting things the way i want them. But i would like to be
able to have this <http://www.jeremymearsdesign.com/interface2.jpg>
rather than this <http://www.jeremymearsdesign.com/interface1.jpg>. Is
it possible to have the "Search" "Browse" "Help" "Info" and "Prefs" all
on one line? If i can't do this is possible to have the "Search" and
"Browse" buttons next to one another, rather than at opposite sides of
the page?

4/ Which parts of the macros change the font size/style/etc of the
bodytext on document pages? I don't really want to create new macros,
i'm quite happy with modifying the base macros.

5/ I downloaded gsdl-2.35-export and placed the expanded contents into
the Greenstone/bin/windows folder as instructed. But when i go to
export collection, select my collection and press export, I get a
error window coming up "The collections() could not be exported to
CD-ROM. Please review output below:" But there's no output, just a
blank text field.

6/ One of my source documents is called Microbial_Indicators.doc and
i've got the cover_page set on with the cover called
Microbial_Indicators.jpg, it still doesn't come up in the Browse
documents page. Any clues?

I _think_ that's about it ;)

I'd be grateful for any help.


Jeremy Mears Design