Re: [greenstone-users] Newbie: Various questions/issues withGSDL2.4.1(MacOSX)

From Jeremy Mears
DateThu, 12 Feb 2004 21:46:36 +1100
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Newbie: Various questions/issues withGSDL2.4.1(MacOSX)
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On 12/02/2004, at 2:45 PM, Katherine Don wrote:

> Unzip and put this into gsdl/bin/windows for future export to cd rom
> commands, and replace the current server.exe with this in your
> exported_collections directory for the collection you have already
> done.

Thanks, i dled it but the same problem occurs. The collected files
(with the latest server.exe) when burnt to CD on the Mac and installed
on the PC have missing parts when you run it.

Could it be a write permissions problem? I know when i copied across
the collection to the PC from the mac it wouldn't work properly because
the collection files were set to readonly on the PC. I had to manually
go thru and turn off read only.

I'm having problems exporting on the pc, i've copied the files needed
to the bin/windows directory, but i still get an error in the

I've installed the Windows Java JTRE 1.4.2, and ActivePerl
But when i try to run the GLI i get a Java exception error and it

I'll try again tomorrow, but i'm frustrated that i'll have to transfer
all my work to the PC and fiddle with that to get it working. I don't
see why i just can't do it on the Mac. Sort of defeats the purpose of
the MacOSX port if i have to use the PC in the end. It's a hassle
getting all the Java and Perl stuff running on the PC, i wasted all
yesterday dling, installing and reinstalling Java, GSDL and Perl. And
it still doesn't work. OSX had it installed by default and once i got
the latest GSDL version everything has been fine. I thought my
problems were over with this job, if i can't get a installable CD to
the client soon the brown is going to hit the fan.



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