[greenstone-users] [MRDS] Trying to build a subject hierarchy - I am missing something

From Jim Trott
DateSun, 22 Jun 2003 18:21:29 -0700
Subject [greenstone-users] [MRDS] Trying to build a subject hierarchy - I am missing something
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I have been successful in using Greenstone in all ways except for creating a
Hierarchy classifier.

When I build the library, the Search, Titles, and Filenames buttons show up.
But the Subject hierarchy never does. I don't know what I am doing wrong, so
I am appealing for help. I know it is possible, because you all are
successfully doing so. Can you give me the missing element to set me on the
right path? I would greatly appreciate it.

Here is my computer information:
Windows XP Professional
ActiveState ActivePerl 5.6
Greenstone 2.39 (I have tried both the Standalone version and the
webserver version using Apache)

I also tried using The Gatherer 2.3b, but when I attempt to add a Hierarchy
classifier, it generates a Java error.

Thank you for your consideration.

Here is my simple experiment:

I have 2 HTML documents defined like:
<meta name=Subject content="1">
<title>Subject 1</title>
Subject 1

I have a config file in my /etc folder defined as:
creator jtrott@mrds.org
maintainer jtrott@mrds.org
public true

indexes document:text document:Title document:Source
defaultindex document:text

plugin ZIPPlug
plugin GAPlug
plugin TEXTPlug
plugin HTMLPlug
plugin PDFPlug
plugin RTFPlug
plugin WordPlug
plugin ArcPlug
plugin RecPlug

classify Hierarchy -hfile sub.txt -metadata Subject
classify AZList -metadata Title
classify AZList -metadata Source

collectionmeta collectionname "subject test"
collectionmeta iconcollection ""
collectionmeta collectionextra " subject test

This collection contains _numdocs_ documents, a total of _numbytes_ of indexed text and metadata.

Click here to view the build summary for this collection. "
collectionmeta .document:text "text"
collectionmeta .document:Title "titles"
collectionmeta .document:Source "filenames"

(I have tried using -use_metadata_file and have tried -description_tags, but
they make no difference)

I have a sub.txt file in my /etc folder defined as:
1 1 "One"
2 2 "Two"

Jim Trott
Knowledge Management Director
Millennium Relief and Development Services
email: jtrott@mrds.org
web: www.mrds.org