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Great news. So... do you have information to share about v2.50: dates, etc?

You all do such great work on our behalf :-)

Jim Trott
Millennium Relief and Development Services

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Hi everyone,

As part of the upcoming UNESCO Greenstone v2.50 CD, UNESCO have translated a
lot more of Greenstone into French, Spanish and Russian.

One example of this is the 11 "documented example collections" on (about half-way down the page, with the "cog-wheel"
icons). These collections illustrate a wide variety of Greenstone's
abilities, from simple image collections to complex bibliography
collections; e-mail collections; MARC, OAI, and CDS/ISIS demonstrations;
interface customization collections; and more. The front page of each of
these collections explains in depth how it was built, and we think they are
a great resource for learning how to build certain types of collections with

And now, these collections are fully documented in French, Spanish and
Russian. To see the explanatory text in these languages, enter the
collection and choose the language from the Preferences page as normal.

Please report any broken links within these 11 collections to me directly.



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