[greenstone-users] search result with many sections

From Julian Fox
DateWed, 21 Feb 2007 16:03:03 +0100
Subject [greenstone-users] search result with many sections
One more small question if I may - I find this list extremely helpful,
responses precise, all problems resolved so far!
I have put up a book, each chapter its own section. Fine, all
represented as I wish - except that with 35 chapters, when I click on a
leaf (section), e.g. ch 5, the chapter appears below all that...and
users may be mystified as I was initially, as to whether my chapter was
opening or not. How do I get a chapter to open up in a new window when I
click on the GA text icon, instead of one having to scroll all the way
down to see it? It may be in the 'format' bit in GLI but I can't find it.
Alternatively, instead of those chapters being listed vertically, can I
get them to run horizontally, and take up less space? This would
obviate the kind of problem I am referring to above.