[greenstone-users] Word conversion on 2.73

From Julian Fox
DateTue, 31 Jul 2007 09:22:27 +0200
Subject [greenstone-users] Word conversion on 2.73
I need help please, if someone can come to my rescue.
Using GS 2.73 on an Ubuntu Feisty with LAMP server installation.

1. In the 'design' section and particularly for the Plugins, I do not
see where I can move the position of a plugin - no command seems to be
visible. I can of course change the position in the config file, but
would this be an oversight in 2.73 or am I missing something?
2. That is not my real problem however! I do not seem to be succeeding
in getting GS to convert a number of Word files. The language of the
content is Italian, hence has accented letters. The plugin in various
positions only seems to produce ?????? for content in the final html
conversion. Why? I presumed UTF8 would succeed, but I am letting the
Word plug select its encoding automatically.

I had these files in 2.72 (before that server crashed) and did not have
the same problem. I thought it might have been the trasnfer process,
but I tried a small new collection with a couple of original files and
I'm getting no good result. Could someone lead me to some possible
causes and solutions please? I have a rather large collection of several
thousand items, and obviously wish to resolve it as soon as I can.