[greenstone-users] Trying to understand an encoding problem

From Julian Fox
DateTue Dec 11 06:31:41 2007
Subject [greenstone-users] Trying to understand an encoding problem
I wonder if someone can sort me out on an encoding problem. I'm just
unable to grasp what is happening:

I have a series of pages (htm files) all properly using uft-8 encoding.
They are in fact a set of glossary pages, hence A-Z. The glossary is in
Italian, English and Chinese.

When I opened up the 'A.htm' file under the 'enrich' tab, just to check
that it was ok, it was. All characters showing up properly in the
browser (Firefox). If I move across to 'create' (after having gone
through the building process, so I am doing all this in retrospect after
having discovered the problem), I find that 'A.htm' does NOT display
correctly when I open it up in 'preview collection'. The Chinese
characters are now gobbledegook.

Now, the settings do not vary - I mean the 'preference' settings in
Greenstone are utf-8 encoding, and my browser is set for auto-detect
'off' and 'utf-8' for the encoding - the same setting that correctly
displayed the 'A' file under the 'enrich' tab. I simply cannot
understand this.

Obviously I also have B-Z. I might add that most of these display
correctly. The ones that don't display correctly (about 4 of them) are
after I added more material to them (outside of Greenstone) and brought
them back in again. So the 'troublemaker' was most likely Kompozer or
Quanta Plus, both of which I used at one stage or another. But if A.htm
(which had been adjusted earlier) displayed correctly inside one part of
Greenstone, it means it was displaying as it should after I had worked
on it. Why is it now not displaying correctly at the end of the process?