RE: [greenstone-users] lock file problems

From Lynne Sergeant
DateFri, 11 Feb 2005 12:58:55 +0100
Subject RE: [greenstone-users] lock file problems
Thank you. I ended up recreating the collection and have exported to CD ROM to test out. But the problem has come back. When I tried entering the librarian interface to make modifications I had a message the file was locked. I have removed the gli.lck file.
When I enter the librarian interface the collection is in there in the gather section but the enrich, design and create buttons are not clickable. When I try to enter the Greenstone library I have an error message that my browser is not responding to the enter library request.
Thanks in advance
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Subject: Re: [greenstone-users] lock file problems

Hi Lynne,

Have you also tried to delete "gli.lck" file in the collection directory "/gsdl/collect/collection_name/"?  Could you give me more information about the problem? Have you got any error message?

ps. Please send your questions to the mailing-list instead of just to me, so other people can benefit from the discussions.


Lynne Sergeant wrote:
Thanks Chi ffor your quick reply. I have tried that - it is no longer locked, but I am still unable to open the collection to modify. If you have any other suggestions I would be grateful. This is my first time using Greenstone so please excuse.
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Hi Lynne,

When the GLI is open, it holds a lock on that collection. If it crashes, the lock file is not deleted. When you try to open the collection, it will come out with a "Lock File Detected" warning and you can decide to steal the control of the lock file. Or you can delete the lock file "gli.lck" in the collection directory "/gsdl/collect/collection_name/".


Lynne Sergeant wrote:
I have been building up a collection using Greenstone version 2.52. I have somehow put a lock file on the collection and am unable to continue. Please could any one advise how I can remove this.
Thank you.

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