[greenstone-devel] Password Problem

From Michelle Mitchell
DateThu, 1 May 2003 11:37:49 -0700 (PDT)
Subject [greenstone-devel] Password Problem
While looking in the Greenstone archives I found the
Claudia Andrade Vera wrote:
> Hi !,I installed Greenstone on linux with source
distribution, when I wanted
> to create a new collection it requested a user and
password, I found in
> mailing list that I can reset password to "admin" by
removing the
> gsdl/etc/users.db file, I did it but did not work.
> Please can someone tell me what can I do.
> Thanks,
> Claudia Andrade
Deleting the users.db file should reset the
username/password to
admin/admin as you say. You'll need to make sure that
the user as which
your webserver runs (normally "nobody", "www-data" or
something similar)
has permission to create a new users.db file though.
That is, do a
"chmod -R a+rw gsdl/etc" and see if it helps.


At which point do I type in - "chmod -R a+rw

Michelle I Mitchell
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