[greenstone-users] Unable to make GLI work

From Sandra D'Souza
DateTue, 23 Oct 2007 13:50:13 -0400
Subject [greenstone-users] Unable to make GLI work
> Hi:
> I have installed and reinstalled the GLI more than a dozen times in
> the proper order:
> Java Runtime Environment (JRE),ImageMagick and Ghostscript and finally
> the Greenstone Librarian Interface (Win 2.74 exe file). Yet my IT
> person says he downloaded the same and his GLI opened up!
> I have been trying for the past two weeks (intermittently of course)
> to get Greenstone Librarian Interface to work, but it always happens
> that the DOS window (GLI) flashes up for a second or two and
> disappears. This is when I download the from the link that was
> supplied to me by a professor. But when I download it from
> greenstone.org, the system window does not disappear but gives me
> errors that are evident in the attachment I have enclosed.
> Appreciate your help on this matter.
> Thank you , Sandy
Hi folks:

New to your list. Look forward to being a member.

Second confirmation from my IT folks indicate that the system is looking
for the java files that are not in the right path. According to an
instructor, it is supposed to be in the location: c:Cafelite (but this
is the Oracle path), but instead it is located at c:Program
FilesJava. What can I do to set the path right?
Thanks in advance for your help.