[greenstone-devel] French diacritics and internal links

DateThu, 21 Dec 2006 15:40:00 +0100
Subject [greenstone-devel] French diacritics and internal links

Hi all,


We’ve made hyperlink out of the value of metadata element putting in the format statement, an <a> tag around the metadata item, for example <a href=_httpquery_&q=[cgisafe:dc.Creator]&h=dag&t=0>[dc.Creator]</a>. When the value of the metadata contains any diacitics of the french langageé,è,à,ç... -, the link won’t work fine.

I’ve allready written to the Greenstone team about this problem, and it is now a little bit better.

For example, If I click on “Grétry, André-Ernest-Modeste”, first the search engine won’t find anything and there will be displayed : “André:O, Ernest:1, Grérty:0, Modeste:1 – No documents mathed the query”… But if I click on the “begin search” button, “Grétry, André-Ernest-Modeste” will become “gretry, andre-ernest-modeste” and everything will be OK (We are using the “How to handle diacritics” method retrieved in the wiki.


I add that all the metadata we use are encoded in utf-8


Any ideas or suggestions ?





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