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From richard
DateThu, 08 Feb 2007 09:01:33 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] RE:RE: a trouble with pdf files
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Hi Israel,

I can answer your first question perhaps:

Israel Abraham Flores Cruz wrote:

First , when I create a new collection e.i. cds/isis in the webserver with  a single string format with name

'publicaciones'(I use the spanish language), and advanced search with name 'busqueda'  in the page about  (or about this collection)

I obtain  a text like this:


Como encontrar  informacion ?

Existen 2 manera(s) de encontrar informacion en esta coleccion:_textSearchlong_help:textdefaultlongtext_

when I need obtain  two instruccion like that :

-buscar por palabras determinadas  que aparecen en el texto clicando el boton busqueda

-mostrar documentos por titulo de la publicacion clicando el boton publicaciones.

For your first question there seem to be a few possibilities:

1. The two macros: _textSearchlong_ and _help:textdefaultlongtext_ dont currently have spanish translations available in either or, so its possible that you have removed (if a spanish macro is not available greenstone will use english instead) from the macros directory, which means greenstone no longer knows how to display those macros.

To fix this:
You could add the spanish translations for the macros you need to display to the relevant or file. Be sure to add _textdefaultlongtext_ under where it says

package help

 in the relevant spanish macro file.

2. It may be a typo, but you have written the macros in your email like this:


when they should be written:

_textSearchlong_ _help:textdefaultlongtext_

If they are in the greenstone macro files written as you did in your email, greenstone would be unable to display them.

Hope this helps,

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