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From Richard Managh
DateTue, 28 Aug 2007 10:23:36 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Help
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Hi Greensotnchik, wrote:
Please help me, I am using Greenstone 2.72,and when I try to make
search,using "ignore word endings",it did not work.
Please tell me, what is reason of that.

Whether word endings matter or not when it comes to searching is determined by stemming in greenstones indexing software (mg; mgpp; or lucene). Stemming has been in greenstone for many years, as it is a built in feature of mg / mgpp. (I am not sure of the exact details of stemming when it comes to lucene.) It is unlikely that this feature doesnt work, if your collection is in english. However if your collection is not in english stemming may not work. If your collection is in Armenian perhaps this is the reason it is not working. I believe stemming is available in other languages, like french for example, but this may not be set up by default.

I tested this feature using Greenstone 2.73, which I imagine is not different to your version when it comes to this feature. I tried the search string "summary" on the demo collection.

On the preferences page, under "Word endings" when "whole word must match" is selected (and the set preferences button is pressed), greenstone's search only returned (3) documents with the word "summary" in. However, when "Word endings" had "ignore word endings" set, greenstone's search returned 31 documents, including documents with words like "sum" "sums" etc.

If this answer does not help you solve you problem, please send more information to the list.

For example:
o what operating system you are using
o what language your collection's text is in
o what indexer you are using to index your collection, whether it is mg, mgpp or lucene.
o the contents of the collect.cfg file of your collection
o Helpfully we already know what version of greenstone you are using, Greenstone 2.72.


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