[greenstone-users] problem search indexes MGPP and previewing

From S. Van Doren
DateFri Apr 2 05:10:16 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] problem search indexes MGPP and previewing
Dear all,

I am currently writing an advice for my organisation on which software best
to use to serve as an institutional repository. I chose to work with
Greenstone but am encountering a huge problem. I am using 2.83, locally.
After adding some search indexes for a particular collection using MGPP the
program fails to open in a browser screen. When I try to search something
the address is suddenly looking very strange::


And I get a "page not found" error in IE.

Using preview button doesn't work and I can only open the collection by
using Enter Library pop-up screen/via Home

This has happened twice now.

I can see in expert mode that while building it says:

buildcol.pl> mgpp_weights_build.exe : Unable to open

buildcol.pl> creating 'on-disk' stemmed dictionary

buildcol.pl> mgpp_invf_dict.exe : Unable to open

buildcol.pl> creating stem indexes

I seem to corrupt files or settings or something by building MGPP search

Any help would be greatly appreciated..my deadline for handing in my thesis
is very near :-(

Kind regards,

Simonette Van Doren

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