[greenstone-devel] Using Greenstone with DSpace

From Stephen De Gabrielle
DateMon, 4 Dec 2006 13:32:23 +0930
Subject [greenstone-devel] Using Greenstone with DSpace
I've recently been using Greenstone a lot as a toolkit to migrate
collections out of legacy collections and into DSpace. I also
anticipate using it to migrate bibliographic data from CDS-ISIS into
our library catalogue/LMS.

To frame this I'd like to emphasize how important building digital
collections are in giving people access to the information and
cultural resources that are so important to their education and
community, and in the process preserving these resources for future

I'd just like to say how useful Greenstone has been in performing
these otherwise difficult, time-consuming and expensive tasks. The
Plugins and the GLI make my work more effective, and add the
pleasurable feeling of success to many a working week. It is also
nice to be able to say 'Yes" when confronted with many a digital
collections questions, something I'm sure I couldn't do without the
Greenstone system as part of my 'toolkit'. Without it less
collections would be built, less stuff would be accessible, and I'd
have a much less interesting job!

Greenstone is truly the 'swiss army knife' of the digital collections world.

My thanks go to the developers and others who have in the past and
currently contribute to the project.

Regards and thanks,

Stephen De Gabrielle
Northern Territory Library