[greenstone-devel] FYI [oss4lib-discuss] opportunity for OSS4Lib projects

From Stephen.DeGabrielle@ntu.edu.au
DateSun, 20 Apr 2003 21:52:37 +0930
Subject [greenstone-devel] FYI [oss4lib-discuss] opportunity for OSS4Lib projects


To: oss4lib-discuss@lists.sourceforge.net

 Subject: [oss4lib-discuss] opportunity for OSS4Lib projects

The US government is currently preparing 'The Open Source Reference Book
2003', a listing of opensource projects and vendors who would be of
interest to government agencies.  If you think your project would benefit
from being listed (and you don't mind the US government knowing about
you), you can go here to register:

I saw the original announcement here:

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