[greenstone-users] PDFPlugin

From Sarah Thomas
DateSat Sep 3 01:07:22 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] PDFPlugin
Hi there,

I'm trying to get my
PDF documents to display correctly. The documents consist of a combination of
images and text. I've been playing around with the plugins but I still can't
get the correct output.
These are the plugin
configuration steps I've taken:
i) PDFPlugin
-convert_to pagedimg_jpg
I get the messages 'The file journal.rpt.xxxxx.pdf
was recognised but could not be processed by any plugin' for almost all of my
files. The same thing happens when I use pagedimg_gif and pagedimg_png
ii) PDFPlugin
-convert_to html
No images appear and
the text is all mixed up.(I think this happens bse the original PDF document
has text in columnar format)
iii) PDFPlugin
-convert_to auto -complex
Only the images get
extracted nicely but the text doesn't appear
Is there something
that I must (or musn't) do?

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