[greenstone-users] Cheeky advice/comment/suggestion request...

From Steve
DateWed Aug 13 09:34:32 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Cheeky advice/comment/suggestion request...
I have a few thousand documents - predominantly in PDF format - which
I'd like to use as a basis for a private (some of the documents are
confidential) reference library - for use by a very small team.

The problem with the most obvious strategy of dumping documents in a
single folder and using something like google desktop to search them is
that, as the documents age, it is not obvious which documents are the
most recent or relevant. I'd also like to establish a browsable
knowledge base - since, on occasion, there's a wish to search not for a
specific detail, but for background on an entire subject area. There's
also an issue that I'd like the library to be available remotely over a
VPN tunnel to a web-server, for example.

I've had a look at the documentation - and while I note that the project
is broadly similar to that which I'm attempting, I want to focus on
flexibility - in order to minimise the overhead of managing my library -
where I have little control over the format in which 'ebook' data is
supplied to me.

I would like to know if the "Greenstone Digital Library" would be a
suitable starting point for such a project? If not, by any chance, can
anyone on this list point me at more suitable software?

Thanks in advance,