RE: [greenstone-devel] Greenstone installation problem

From Tayze MacKenzie
DateMon, 29 Jan 2007 21:56:54 -0400
Subject RE: [greenstone-devel] Greenstone installation problem
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Hi Michael thanks for the reply. I don't see anything out of the ordinary
in that file. Here are the settings you had mentioned ...

gsdlhome "/home/cmidocs/public_www/gsdl"
httpprefix /gsdl
httpimg /gsdl/images
maxrequests 10000

I noticed that there are only 3 files in the
/home/cmidocs/public_www/cgi-bin folder (gsdlsite.cfg, library, oaiserver)
while the rest are in /home/cmidocs/public_www/gsdl/cgi-bin (,, resdresults.cgi, trackreport.cgi, getior,,
savereport.cgi, Is this correct?

Thanks again,


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This sounds like something is wrong in the Greenstone
"cgi-bin/gsdlsite.cfg" file -- check that the "gsdlhome", "httpprefix"
and "httpimg" settings are correct.



R. Tayze MacKenzie wrote:

>Here's the problem we're having ...
>We have successfully loaded the greenstone software and created several
>collections on a windows machine but are having dificulty getting it to
work on
>a network server. When performing the install most of the default options
>chosen. The exceptions were:
>The installation directory - it was installed to /home/cmidocs/public_www
>address -
>An existing cgi-bin directory was used - /home/cmidocs/public_www/cgi-bin
>address -
>The first page
>( loads
>all links on that page are incorrect. Rather than point to the above
>they link to
>which has an extra "cmidocs" appended after the "cmidocs/cgi-bin".
>I have attempted to look at the installer's guide and developer's guide to
>out what setting to change with no luck as of yet. Could you please advise
>what change I need to make or whether I need to delete the current
> and re-install with diferent parameters.
>Thanks for your help,
>Tayze MacKenzie
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