[greenstone-users] Re: Help!

From Vladimir Risojevic
DateMon, 22 Oct 2007 09:22:04 +0200
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: Help!
You have to install the java virtual machine. It can be downloaded from
Look for Java Runtime Environment (JRE). This should solve your problem.
You should also consult Greenstone Installer's Guide

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> so here's the short version. new computer Macbook didn't workl with Greenstone,
> old computer HP notebook did, but recently became non-functional, and now brand
> new computer Sony Vaio with Windows Vista doesn't work with the program because
> it can't find the java "virtual machine" (I think that's what it said, not my
> comp. my roomie's)
> As this program is critical to the successful completion of her Master's Thesis,
> this caused her to have something of a nervous breakdown, and I'm looking for
> someone to help me figure out the problem for her, or contact her with helpful
> advice, at brownme@uwm.edu (Tell her in the Subject that it's about
> Greenstone.)
> Thanks in advance,
> Michelle English
> Student, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee


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