[greenstone-devel] metadata.xml

From Chris Vasquez
DateThu, 29 May 2003 14:01:06 -0500
Subject [greenstone-devel] metadata.xml

Is there a way to add hyperlinks into the metadata.xml file? For example, Im trying to add a hyperlink into the last metadata element called Description (shown below), however, when I import and build the collection it only shows as plain text not a hyperlink. 





                                              <Metadata name="Title">Mrs. Harry F. Estill on steps of President's residence</Metadata>

                                              <Metadata name="Filename">2</Metadata>

                                              <Metadata name="Publisher">Huntsville Arts Commission</Metadata>

                                              <Metadata name="Creator">n/a</Metadata>

                                              <Metadata name="Date">1912</Metadata>

                                              <Metadata name="Place">Sam Houston Avenue</Metadata>

                                              <Metadata name="Type">Image</Metadata>

                                              <Metadata name="Description"><a href="www.ci.huntsville.tx.us">Click here</a></Metadata>




Thank you,

Chris V.