[greenstone-users] PagedImgplug

From keiko
DateThu, 16 Sep 2004 10:50:41 +0800
Subject [greenstone-users] PagedImgplug
In-Reply-To (41476AC0-9050109-um-edu-my)

I'm trying PagedImgplug again, this is the first time on v2.5.1. but
worked on v2.4.1(maybe) by installing plugin.

I just try simple example, 7 images and .item file, no text.
GLI creates with no error. But I can see extracted metadata by
only at "Edit Metadata Sets" window, nothing on Enrich pane. Nothing are
generated under collection/index/assoc/ . Then nothing are displayed on
web browser.

I tried same way as importing from metadata.xml, create new collection
and import data from last collection. But nothing were changed.

Is there someway to fix this problem?

And I remember there was a PagedImg demo collection by Kathy at
. Did it move to somewhere?

Thank you for help.

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