PFDPlug (Re: PDF & Re: [greenstone-users] metadata from a file)

From keiko
DateFri, 17 Sep 2004 07:21:24 +0800
Subject PFDPlug (Re: PDF & Re: [greenstone-users] metadata from a file)
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Michael Dewsnip wrote:

>Hi Keiko,
>If you have separate page images and metadata associated with each it sounds
>like you should be using the PagedImgPlug plugin. Based on your next posting, I
>guess you've had the same thought!
I'm still thinking both ways...

yes, I have separate page images, but metadata is for each book only.
I have materials as PDF, I would like to use pdf2html because it is

I would like to show a book outline(contents list) and give a operation
to turn a page, like demo collection. I tried to use PFDPlug
-use_sections option to make section for each page. I can display each
section and link to section data, but cannot section data itself.
Is it unable to make a section for a page contains only jpg image?

One more question, -cover_image option to PDFPlug seems not to work.
BasPlug seems to generate it for *.jpg file. How does it work to
PDFPlug? I expect it does for the first image in PDF.

Thank you for your help.


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