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Subject [greenstone-users] IIS for GSDL 2.81
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Hello Biju:
Can you please help Ponerulappan ....

Suresh D Nair
Technical LIbrarian - R&D, TAFE
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Can any one respond to this
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Subject: [greenstone-users] IIS for GSDL 2.81
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Hi All

I upgraded GSDL form 2.72 to 2.81 now. While upgrading had to uninstall 2.72 as it guided to do to get better result. I have done so. But when I configure the same in IIS it doesn't work without port number. we are having another site running in 80 port . Hence have to create virtual directory and then re-direct that to GSDL. Previously able to do in 2.72. But in 2.81 it displays port number. Please guide how to solve this issue. Early response appreciated

Thanks & Best Regards
Pons (Ponerulappan)
Library & Information Services, Cognizant Academy

Thanks & Best Regards
Pons (Ponerulappan)
Library & Information Services, Cognizant Academy

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