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From Allison Zhang
DateSat Aug 8 06:23:09 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] cgiargq
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We experienced the same problem. I found out this does not work with form search. If you set search type as plain, i.e.

searchtype plain form

it will work, but if you switch to the advanced search, you will see the same problem.


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I have collection of PDF files with underlying text. I am trying to so open this PDF files with a highlighted search term using the method described in tutorial exercise: Enhanced PDF handling. However, the search term is not correctly transferred to the PDF reader e.q. if I use ?Duits? as search term the PDF reader tries to find ?[Duits}:TX ? which off course fails.

I am using the following reference:

href="/gsdl/collect/gsarch/index/assoc/[archivedir]/[Source]#search="Allison Zhang"">

My greenstone version is 2.82 under Windows XP and I am using Adobe Reader 8

I hope somebody can tell me what I am doing wrong.



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