[greenstone-users] Information, please

From Amanda Foster
DateThu, 27 Jan 2005 09:55:33 +0200
Subject [greenstone-users] Information, please
Hi there

I work in an electronic publishing environment that produces large
amount of content (approximately 9 GB per product - total of approx 30
GB across all products) to customers served via corporate intranet,
internet and CD.

I am currently exploring different ways of searching and indexing the
content more efficiently to meet our client's needs.

I found your site on the web and was very interested in what you were
offering ...

Our content is currently stored in xml and served out in html.
For the products to work effectively for our clients, the searching has
to be like grease lightning and down to the most granular level (for
example, lawyers want to enter keywords and find where they appear
across one or more products).
I would imagine that indexing to paragraph level and then individual
word or character level would be the answer, but how to make this quick
across huge volumes of content ?

Also, if a user entered a string like "what do I need to know to build
a house" ... how would the search return listings of all the relevant
legal requirements for building a house ? Would metadata be the way to
solve this or is there something more advanced that can be used ?

Has your product answered any of these questions ?

Look forward to your response.

Many thanks
Amanda Foster

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