[greenstone-users] GLI 3.03 - Problem with the "display text" and search indexes

From Andy Carter
DateTue Mar 18 07:21:07 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] GLI 3.03 - Problem with the "display text" and search indexes

I'm testing 3.03 on a Windows desktop, using the GLI. The issue is the
"display text" fields in the Search area under the Format tab.

I have three dc. metadata fields selected as Search Indexes - dc.Title,
dc.Creator, dc.Subject - that I entered "display text" for.

1. The search indexes don't show up in the search function when I build the
library. The only options I have in the search drop down box are "some" and

ex. "Search for which contain [some/all] of the words ____"

I would like title, creator, subject to be selectable in the drop down box
on the search page.

2. I can't save the text in the "display text" fields. Each time I open the
GLI, the "display text" fields are blank. And even if I enter text in the
fields and then do a rebuild, nothing appears.

The fields seem to be non-functional.

Thanks for any help,

Andy Carter

Digital Project Manager
Memphis Public Library
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