[greenstone-users] creating custom navigation bar labels

From Anton Chuppin
DateThu, 22 Jun 2006 07:06:59 -0500
Subject [greenstone-users] creating custom navigation bar labels

My version is: gsdl 2.63, build 2.61.

I'm trying to create custom labels on the navigation bar. I can't figure out
how to make the label display more than one word. As far as I understand, my
GreenStone distribution doesn't use images to build navigation bar buttons,
instead it produces html links on the fly.

The standard navigation bar labels display is controlled by the _labelXxxx_
macro. For example 'Search' label has Search {Search} macro defined in
the global package. The similar macro does not work for my custom labels. When
I tried to define the macro _labelSurname_ {Search By Surname} the label on the
nav bar still showed 'Surname' only, not 'Search By Surname'. I'm guessing
that the text of the link on the navigation bar (and the value of its 'Title'
attribute) comes from the 'buttonname' argument to the classifier in the
collect.cfg file. Is there any way to assign multi-word values to the nav bar

Thank you,