[greenstone-users] co-existence of PDF and Html files

From Dave S
DateTue, 29 Jul 2003 00:13:38 -0400
Subject [greenstone-users] co-existence of PDF and Html files

As a new user, I have come across a few problems that baffles me again.
Really appreciate for the answer I have got for my previous questions from
this mailing list.

1. I have a mixed collection of PDF and html files, and I can't find a way
to stop Greenstone from offering the users access to the converted html
verison of the PDF. I tried to use [srclink]..[srclink] in the format
string to just show the source icon. However, by doing it this way, my other
parts of the collection, the html files, won't be able to be opened, because
they dont have the source icon. So is there a way to write a conditional
statement in the format string to avoid this dilemma? (eg. let's say a
conditional statement that would use [link]..[/link] for html file and
[srclink]..[srclink] for PDF fiels respectively) Is it possible?

2. My second question is how do I make a book - like collection as the
Project Gutenberg shown on www.nzdl.org. I want to have a book like
interface, so peopel can browse the document by page. What should I do to
get that kind of interface? And I also have one question about the nature
of the document. So in order to have a book-like interface, do I have to
insert tags like <section>..</section> to indicate where each page should
be. Or do I have to actually segment the long html document into say 30
smaller, individual html files, each of them represent one page of the book?

Thanks for the advice,
Dave S,

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