[greenstone-users] Metadata in MGPP

From Dave S
DateFri, 08 Aug 2003 15:24:07 -0400
Subject [greenstone-users] Metadata in MGPP

I just have a question concerning about Metadata. If I assign a subject
metadata to a document in metadata.xml. Will this subject metadata be
applied to only the document as a whole or to individual sections within the
documents too. Because I realzie that the date metadata which I assign to
the document doesnt seems to apply to the sections nested inside the

If the metadata assigned to a document in metadata.xml only applies to the
whole document, then the functionality of field search of MGPP would be
significiantly limited, isn't it? For instance, We can't make Greenstone to
do a Creator and text field search at section level in the desirable way.
Becasue the Creator Metadata only applies when you do the document level
search, if this piece of metadata is assigned in metadata.xml. (and if
that's the case, does it mean we need to put the same creator metadata in
each section in order to make it work?)

My another questions is that if I use metadata.xml with Recplug
-use_metadata_files in configuration, does it mean that I can't insert any
other section level metadata in the document? I tested, and it doesn't seem
to work? so I can get around with this dilemma?

Thank you so much for the help
Dave S,

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