RE: [greenstone-users] remote access to library system?

From James Brunskill
DateMon, 16 Oct 2006 09:29:49 +1300
Subject RE: [greenstone-users] remote access to library system?
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Hi Kathi,


I don’t speak officially for greenstone, but I am sure you can copy the libraries to a central server. If the student creates a library on his/her own machine, All you need to do is copy the folder for the collection into the server’s “collect” directory. The only difficulty is if the students make changes to the global macros or configuration, It might pay to encourage students to make all their customisations at the collection level…




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Subject: [greenstone-users] remote access to library system?


    I am a graduate library school student in Tucson AZ.  My instructor has had the library software installed on a unix system in Tucson with internet access.  His hope is that each student can create a library on their home computer and eventually be included in the unix version on the school's computer.  Can the library creation software be accessed remotely?  If each student creates their own library can we then export those files to the central library?  Can each student log in to the central server to upload their library?
I don't need an answer to each question, I am mainly trying to describe what we are trying to do and find out the easiest way to do it.  We want to combine several student library files in one location so that all students can view the libraries. 
    This is an online class and the students are spread all over the US and at overseas locations so we are hopeful that tasks can be accomplished remotely.  However, I am in the same location as the server so I can perform any tasks that need to be done on the server itself.
    The students have already installed the software on their own personal computers and are successfully creating their libraries.
    Thank you very much for any assistance.  It is greatly appreciated.  I have looked over the manuals and have not identified information that answers this query.

Kathi Gardner
University of Arizona