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From Duncan Burbidge
DateThu, 24 Apr 2003 11:30:03 +0100
Subject RE: Create a new plugin
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Hi Gordon and list

I'm trying to get audio files in to my collection, using the unknownplug,
however the build process still fails to find any data (currently the audio
files are .wma). I've used the line below, but I don't understand
the -process_exp line. I have changed this to -process_exp '.wma', but with
the same result.

If anyone has built a file of audio sources (the music library in the demo
collections fails to play since the .cab file does not install) I would be
glad of any help.

If possible I should like to link audio files to existing documents
(transcripts) in the collection. Is it possible to do this? At the moment
I only know how to get the original source version and its GML counterpart.

Many thanks

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Subject: Re: Create a new plugin

> I would like to create a new plugin that will handle any document type
> by simply create an empty content. I can add searchable data in the
> metadata.xml at a later stage. The aim is to be able to create a
> collection even if there are some bad word documents which the word
> plugin can not handle.
> Has anyone done something similar, or can point me to some instructions
> on how to create this empty plugin?

Take a look at "UnknownPlug" which should in any of the last few releases.
This plugin can be set up to handle any kind of document that is stored in
a file without trying to understand the file. A blank document is created
in Greensatone, and the unknown file is added to it as an "associated

Here's an example from a collect.cfg file:

plugin UnknownPlug -process_exp '.MOV' -assoc_field 'movie'