Re: [greenstone-users] Programming Languages of Greenstone

From Stuart A Yeates
DateTue, 07 Oct 2003 09:38:05 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Programming Languages of Greenstone
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Han, Yan wrote:

> The developer's guide mentioned that Greenstone is written in C++ (with
> STL). I notice that there are some java files there (not just GUI part) and
> some Perl codes. My question is: what are the languages Greenstone using?
> What are their responsibilities? (C++, Java, Perl).

Generally speaking perl is used when importing documents, c++ is used
when serving the documents and java is used in the GUI.

Having said that, greenstone makes use of many other packages, including:
mg and mgpp (the text indexing programs) written in c/c++
mico (corba server) written in c/c++
wget (web mirroring software) written in c
yaz (z39.50 client/server) written in c

Not all of these are necessarily used in all releases, however.