[greenstone-users] BaseServer Record Error

From Faltin, Jonathan
DateWed Feb 24 07:10:50 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] BaseServer Record Error

We have just installed Greenstone 3 and are able to get the admin page
working but are having trouble with the GLI. We are running Linux
(CentOS) and have run the script that tells us the GLI is working, but
when we click Start Server in the box that pops up we get an error
message. The message says to check the log, and the log only says
BaseServer RecordError:Web Start failed. We can see the GLI on the
machine we installed it on, but we want to access it from other machines
in the office network. We can access the admin page of greenstone
through the office network, but not the GLI. Any help would be greatly


Jon Faltin


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