Re: [greenstone-users] More detailed info on macros

From Garmaa Kh
DateThu, 2 Nov 2006 12:09:06 +0900
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] More detailed info on macros
Hello Shaoqun and others,

Very interesting discussion!!!

I`m wondering, whether 1) can I insert my own javascript code just
before displaying collection content that allow to display converted
text? Also can we 2) insert one function/procedure or maybe macro
between search text inputing step and result displaying step(or after
search text inputing step).

Problem is, currently myself trying to develop Traditional Mongolian
digital library, which traditional Mongolian script itself very odd
script. So far we don`t have keyboard driver and have some other
problems. Temporary solution is therefore need to convert latin text
search input into traditional Mongolian text(Question 2).

Also because of Mongolian script itself some additional letters/shapes
which is not listed in unicode used to display correct word. That is
why I`m also seeking possibility to insert my own javascript code just
before displaying collection content that allow to display (just
display not to search using converted text, since we store and index
unicode data) converted text, which is question 1.

Even little tips could we helpful.

Thank you in advance.

Garmaabazar Khaltarkhuu,

Digital Library Laboratory
Ritsumeikan University, Japan wrote:
Hello Biligsaikhan,

That macros documentation is still in progress, and We will add more
gradually, but you can start with this tutorial exercise
Basically, lots of customization can be done without touching C++ codes.
You can always send us your specific customization questions.


Hi all,

I am new user of w2.71. It is very nice program. I very like it. Thank
you New Zealand Digital Library Project.

I have small Q.

Where can I find more detailed information about macros? Maybe list of
all macros, which macro used where, load order or macros tree ....?

I`ve just visited Or
this explain all?

Please advice me. I really want to modify my DL without touching C++

Thanks in advance.

Biligsaikhan B.

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