[greenstone-users] Few questions related to collection design

From Henny Mariane Sutedjo
DateThu, 7 Jul 2005 18:13:12 -0700 (PDT)
Subject [greenstone-users] Few questions related to collection design
Hi Katherine & Group,

First of all, I'd like to say thanks for your reply on my previous
questions. Right now, I have couple of questions that are related
to the design. If one or all of these questions have been posted &
solved before, please let me know so that I could search it on the
message archive.

1. I have one main collection called as "Costumes". Under this
main collection, I have 2 small collections, i.e. "Wedding" and
"Casual". How do I design the hierarchy of the collection in order
to create the main collection and sub collections? That means first
time users will see the main collection, i.e. Costumes, from there
they can select the sub collection either Wedding or Casual.

2. My collection is built from the collection of HTML files + images.
The images are used inside the HTML files, thus I'd like to arrange
those images in the so called hidden folders so that images won't be
available when users select on the "titles" or "filenames" tab menu.
Images should be displayed only when users click on the HTML files and
not supposed to be launched directly without HTML files. My plan is to
keep all images inside the separate collection, but I'm not sure if
this is possible.

Please advise and thanks for your attention.

Henny M. S.
M.Sc. Info. Studies Part-Time Student
Nanyang Technological University

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