Re: [greenstone-users] Run collection from shared folder (different network)

From Henny Mariane Sutedjo
DateWed, 19 Oct 2005 18:01:13 -0700 (PDT)
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Run collection from shared folder (different network)
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Hi Richard,

Many thanks for the information. You are right I'm using
Windows XP Prof, but not sure what is the server in the
university. I will go thru the steps and will try my best
to follow.

Henny M. S.
M.Sc. Information Studies
Nanyang Technological University
--- Richard Managh <> wrote:

> Hi Henny,
> You did not specify the operating systems you were using, but I assumed
> you were using modern variations of windows in answering your question.
> If you have a lot of bandwidth and your collection size is relatively
> small, it may be worth trying simply copying your collection from the
> university share installation (from the collect directory) to your local
> machine, working on it, and copying it back to the university share when
> you are done.
> Otherwise:
> These are the steps I went through to install one version of greenstone,
> that was available to be used from two different machines on a windows
> network.
> 1. Downloaded the Greenstone 2.6 windows installer to a remote machine.
> This remote machine and my local machine have access to a common network
> share. Throughout these steps, think of the remote machine I mention as
> your university machine and the local machine as your home computer. I
> used the following link to download greenstone 2.6:
> 2. Mapped a network drive on the remote machine to the network share in
> common with my local machine (important). I used a drive letter that
> both machines had available (important). In this case I used Y.
> 3. Installed the Greenstone local library version using the downloaded
> installer, on the remote machine (like your university logon). When the
> installer asked for a path to install to I entered: Y:Greenstone
> 4. Went back to local machine (equivalent to your home machine) and
> mapped a network drive with the same letter, (Y in this case) to the
> same path as Y: is mapped to on the remote machine.
> 5. I can now run the greenstone installation installed on the remote
> machine, from my local machine, by going to the following path:
> Y:Greenstone and running server.exe. This worked because greenstone is
> at the same path from the point of view of both machines. I can also run
> the GLI (Greenstone Librarian Interface) from this path
> Y:Greenstonegligli.bat I can also build the collection from the
> command line using commands specified in the greenstone documentation.
> Notes:
> 1. You may of course need to choose another letter than Y to use on both
> machines.
> 2. (Important) The performance of running greenstone on the remote
> machine from your home machine depends heavily on the speed and
> bandwidth of your internet connection. Dial up for example may not be
> good enough.
> I used a local machine running Windows XP Professional, and a remote
> machine is running Windows 2003 Server. But whether these are the same
> or different for you, may not matter.
> hope this helps,
> Richard.
> --
> DL Consulting
> Greenstone Digital Library and Digitisation Specialists
> Henny Mariane Sutedjo wrote:
> >Hi Group,
> >
> >I have a local collection in my computer at home. I created a homepage which
> >will be the so called "main door" to go to my collection. All of this done
> >at my computer at home. My university has given me a shared folder from the
> >university server. To access that shared folder from my computer at home, I
> >have to login to the university VPN access and mapped that folder (e.g. S
> >folder). I have successfully installed Greenstone and ImageMagick at in the
> >S drive folder, and also copied my collection (normal copy, folder to
> folder,
> >is this workable?). The problem is, I cannot run Greenstone from S folder,
> >everytime I run Greenstone from my computer, it is always pointing to the
> >local folder, not the S drive. How do I able to work on the collection at
> >S drive from home? Or alternatively can I upload my collection to the Web
> >so that it is accessible by the people from different location? I'm on
> >Greenstone 2.6. Many thanks for any information.
> >
> >
> >Sincerely,
> >Henny M. S.
> >M.Sc. Information Studies
> >Nanyang Technological University
> >Singapore

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