[greenstone-users] Ploblems with images in word files

From Israel Abraham Flores Cruz
DateWed, 21 Feb 2007 19:56:36 +0000
Subject [greenstone-users] Ploblems with images in word files
Hi , I´ve traying to implement  a pair of collections since  pdf, word and zip file´s , altough , I´ve installed ImageMagick 6.3.1 & Ghostscript
in the web server , I can´t obtain  good collections  yet (I´ve desisted not use more pdf files ,because pdfplug  change the format of the source files ,please see RE:RE:RE a trouble with pdf files, in the case of the word plug, some images  appear in the collection, specially the images with extension .png , not is  the same with the gif´s and tiff´s images , I want to know if the greenstone files can to be omitted of this collection witout altering to the system , and how ? if, it´s the case , or fine I thanks a lot if ,you sugest to me , how can I obtain greenstone files in the collections that it's  say almost equal  or more seemed to the word files ,thank you 
creator  avran6@salud.gob.mx
maintainer avran6@salud.gob.mx
public  true
buildtype mgpp
#indexes document:text document:Title document:Source
indexes  text Title Source
levels  document
plugin  GAPlug
plugin  WordPlug
plugin  ImagePlug -default_language es -input_encoding dos_850 -default_encoding windows_1250 -smart_block
plugin  ZIPPlug
plugin  NULPlug
plugin  TEXTPlug
plugin  HTMLPlug -smart_block
plugin  EMAILPlug
plugin  PDFPlug
plugin  RTFPlug
plugin  PSPlug
plugin  ISISPlug
plugin  MetadataXMLPlug
plugin  ArcPlug
plugin  RecPlug -use_metadata_files
classify AZList -metadata Title
classify AZList -metadata Source
format DateList "<td>[link][icon][/link]</td>
format HList "[link][highlight][ex.Title][/highlight][/link]"
format VList "<td valign="top">[link][icon][/link]</td>
<td valign="top">[ex.srclink]{Or}{[ex.thumbicon],[ex.srcicon]}[ex./srclink]</td>
<td valign="top">[highlight]
format DocumentHeading "{Or}{[parent(Top):Title],[Title],untitled}<br>"
format DocumentText "[Text]"
format DocumentButtons "Detach|Highlight"
collectionmeta collectionname [l=es] "pruebas COMPIL"
collectionmeta collectionextra [l=es] "compilación Juridica de la SSA"
collectionmeta .document:text [l=es] "text"
collectionmeta .document:Title [l=es] "titles"
collectionmeta .document:Source [l=es] "filenames"
collectionmeta .text [l=es] "text"
collectionmeta .Title [l=es] "titles"
collectionmeta .Source [l=es] "filenames"

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