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From Jack Park
DateSun, 13 Apr 2003 22:31:20 -0700
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Fwd: Re: greenstone concern
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Many moons back, I experienced a glitch that surprise me. The condition
reported by Hector Morada below reminds me or my glitch, but does not
suggest the same issue is at work. To know more, in my opinion, it would be
nice to know which operating system is in use. In my case, the OS was
Windows NT-4, which meant that the directories being built by Greenstone
were not being compressed. Windows apparently was unable to deal with the
large number of directories and just tossed them out when Greenstone did an
update, essentially starting over. I lost an enormous amount of information
in that event.

I bring that event up just in case there may be some pattern or similarity
to that which is reported below.

I hope that helps in some way.


At 09:16 PM 4/13/2003, hector morada wrote:
>may i forward this concern to you... some of you may
>have experienced the problem we are currently facing
>and have successfully addressed the same.
>your assistance is highly appreciated
>hector b. morada
>Note: forwarded message attached.
>Hi Hector,
>I'm very busy with various projects so unfortunately will no longer be
>able to answer technical support questions addressed to me directly.
>Please send your query to one of the greenstone mailing lists (see
> for details on joining the lists).
>hector morada wrote:
>>dear stefan
>>may i consult you again on one current concern as we
>>use greenstone.
>>i am attaching three files for you to more clearly
>>imagine our current situation.
>>the collection builder of greenstone appears to be
>>providing inconsistent information. the build summary
>>reports a greater number of items created or added
>>into a collection. this is clearly seen in the files
>>that i have attached to this note and also from the
>>summary of contents i have listed below.
>>a metadata.xml file is part of the source folder.
>>filename remarks
>>testmark-build-sum * 6 documents were considered
>> for processing
>> * 6 were processed
>> and included in the collection
>>testmark-a This collection
>>contains 5 documents, a total
>>of 56 kb.
>>filenamex the list of the five files
>>what worries us more is the rather inconsistent
>>outcomes as we repeat the experiment using other pcs. i have installed
>>greenstone in three PCs and have
>>conducted the experiment resulting to different
>>outcomes as different sets of files are built into the
>>collection. that is why my greater worry as experiment
>>results vary between computers.
>>do you know what is happening in this situation? have
>>others reported this particular behavior of greenstone
>>to you?
>>thanks for your continued support
>>hector and hana
>>clmri, tanmia
>>dubai, uae
>> testmark
>> Build summary for testmark collection
>> * 6 documents were considered for processing
>> * 6 were processed and included in the collection
>> Fail log for testmark collection
>> testmark
>> Search for texttitlesfilenames which contain someall
>> of the words
>> About this collection
>> ikljbasdff This collection contains 5 documents,
>> a total of 56 kb. Click here to view the build summary for
>> this collection. How to find information in the testmark collection
>> There are 3 ways to find information in this
>> collection: search for particular
>> words access publications by title access
>> publications by filename
>> You can search for particular words that appear in the text
>> from the "search" page. This is the first page that comes up
>> when you begin, and can be reached from other pages by
>> pressing the search button. You can access publications by
>> title by pressing the titles a-z button. This brings up a
>> list of books in alphabetic order. You can access
>> publications by filename by pressing the filenames button.
>> This brings up a list of entries, sorted by original filename.
>> testmark
>> W6202.pdf Chinese rural industrial productivity and
>> urban spillovers
>> (t.txt)
>> Chinese rural industrial productivity and urban spillovers
>> (W6202.pdf)
>> vertical multinationals and host-country characteristics
>> (W6203.pdf)
>> foreign direct investment and employment: home
>> country experience in the united states and Sweden
>> (W6205.pdf)
>> total factor productivity growth in the Canadian
>> life insurance industry( 1979-1989
>> (W6475.pdf)

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