[greenstone-users] Using groupsize

From Jack Park
DateThu, 29 May 2003 13:23:34 -0700
Subject [greenstone-users] Using groupsize
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At 10:16 PM 5/27/2003, John R. McPherson wrote:
>If you have a collection that does have lots of documents, you can
> add:
> groupsize 200
>or similar to your collect.cfg. This means greenstone will put 200
>import documents into each archive .xml file. <snip>

I just installed greenstone on a wintel box and built a library with one
online book that has 24 chapters.
I used groupsize 10 just to see what would happen.

GS made 154 HASH directories, most of which were empty, some of which
contained images, 9 of which contained nested sub directories, and 16 of
which (unless I missed something) contained doc.xml files, one of which
appears to cover the index page, and some of which appear to cover more
than one chapter, noted by looking for <section> tags.

Does that sound right?


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