[greenstone-users] Queries on search features

From Lenneth Valkyrie
DateFri, 20 Jan 2006 14:05:46 +0800 (CST)
Subject [greenstone-users] Queries on search features
1) Currently my user were using basic search to search for images. However, I realised that including an advanced search option would improve on the search. I would like my user to be able to chose between basic or advanced search options, how do I create on different page (Basic Search Page and Advanced Search Page)
2) I would also like my user to be able to chose certain options from the drop down list on the search field under. Eg.
Basic Search
Search by <Committees> in .....
|           Search field             | v  |
v - button for drop down list of existing committees
Advanced Search
Search and display results in order
Word or phrase                                   in field
------------------------------------------------     ------------------------
|           Search field             | v  |     |Committees|  v  |
------------------------------------------------     ------------------------
v - drop down list of committee
3) What does the (fold, stem) means when i set the preference for form search to advanced mode? Is it possible to remove it?
4) Is it possible to remove the query box as when i change the form search to advanced mode the query box appeared on the search page? I find that it is not relevant to my user, hence i want to remove it.
5) For the search history under the preference, I want to display in thumbnail form together with some metadata fields instead of displaying some code on the search/result page. As i think my user would not be able to understand the features.
Thank you.

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