[greenstone-users] Layout problems

From Lenneth Valkyrie
DateTue, 24 Jan 2006 01:06:51 +0800 (CST)
Subject [greenstone-users] Layout problems
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1) I tried shfiting the header image(icon) below the banner but still doesn't work. I had also tried refering to the reference given.
2) I would like the frame (wavy green design) to be removed but i couldn't find any solution to it.
3) The top navigational bar (help, preference) i tried to shift it down together with the navigation bar that is placed after the header image. It still stay at the same position (top right corner)
(from previous mail) 
I realise that the icon (About,Search, etc) were always at the
> side. But for my design I wanted to shift it down to like this:

> --------------------------
> |       Banner       |
> --------------------------
> -----------------About   <---position of icon

> XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   <--navigation bar

> How do i change the posittion of that icon and will it affect my
> naviation bar as well? My Home, Preference and Help link will be
> shifted to naviation bar as well together with the Search and
> part. How do i do that?

This area of the page is defined in the
macro in style.dm
-- you'll need to change this. I recommend you read
http://www.wrlc.org/dcpc/UserInterface/interface.htm if you haven't

Thank you
Jasmine (Sorry, I do not have any in-depth knowldge on html and macros)

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