[greenstone-users] Problem with metadata.xml

From Padmini Srinivasan
DateFri, 5 Mar 2004 17:36:01 -0600
Subject [greenstone-users] Problem with metadata.xml
Apologies for the duplicate posting. I did not have a subject in my previous
email and so am resending. Padmini

Hello All,

I am a newbie to Greenstone. I have thankfully succeeded in using OSX to build
a small test collection of mainly pdf files. All is fine as far as the build
is concerned. My question is regarding metadata.

I have a file called metadata.xml in the same dir as the pdf files for the
library. It looks like:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<!DOCTYPE GreenstoneDirectoryMetadata SYSTEM
<Metadata name="Keyword">Finance </Metadata>
<Metadata name="Keyword">Biology</Metadata>

Next I have in my configuration file the following changes to the default

RecPlug -use_metadata_files

I also have a line
classify "AZList" "-metadata" "Keyword"

and my indexes are:

indexes "document:text" "document:Title" "document:Source" "document:Keyword"

My question is: I am not able to search on the Keyword field

Also the Listing for Keyword is not alphabetical by Keyword.

Finally, the pull down set of options for searching does not offer Keyword,
instead it offers a _dmy_ field which in any case never retrieves any documents
irrespective of what I search for.

I have also tried putting the explicit path information into the metadata.xm
file for each input file. So I am misunderstanding something completely about
how to supply metadata from an external file. Since these are pdf files, I am
not sure how to supply metadata any other way.

Your input is greatly appreciated.

Best wishes, Padmini

Padmini Srinivasan
Univ. of Iowa