[greenstone-users] RCDL2005

From RCDL2005
DateTue, 25 Jan 2005 14:06:17 +0300
Subject [greenstone-users] RCDL2005
Dear colleagues.
On behalf of the Organizing Committee
We invite you and your colleagues
To participate in the  Seventh All-Russia
Scientific Conference "Digital libraries: Advanced Mehtods and
Technologies Digital Collections" (RCDL2005),
due to be held in Yaroslavl, 4-6 october 2005.
For further information please see: http://www.rcdl2005.uniyar.ac.ru
RCDL2005 Org. Committee Chairman
Alexander Rusakov (P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University)
RCDL2005 co-chairman
Oleg Syuntyurenko (Russian Foundation for Basic Research)
RCDL2005 PC co-chairman
Leonid Kalinichenko (IPI RAS, Moscow)
RCDL2005 co-chairman
Vladimir Smirnov (P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University )