Re: [greenstone-users] Using PPTPlug & ASP/VB Scripts

From Richard
DateMon, 17 Oct 2005 12:09:34 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Using PPTPlug & ASP/VB Scripts
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Hi Sharad,

Sharad Jadhav wrote:

>We have downloaded the latest version of
>GSDL. As earlier we could not import PPT documnets,
>but now as PPT plug is made available with Greenstone
>2.62, we tried to import few PPT files. Collection.cfg
>files were modified with following statements:
>pluginPPTPlug -convert_to pagedimg_gif
>But while importing all files were rejected with a
>message that 'No plugin could process <filename>.ppt'.
>Please let me know how to use PPTPlug for importing
>PPT files.

A possible reason for this is that you didn't use the windows_scripting
option for PPTPlug. The conversion of PPT documents to pagedimage files
are controlled by a VB scripting, thus the windows_scripting option
needs to be selected. - Thank you to Chi-Yu Huang for this information.

>2. Can we use some VB Scripts/ ASP scripts with user
>interface. I would like to use VB script/ ASP for
>calculating page hits. In which macro file I have to
>declare the scripting language e.g. <%@
>Language=VBScript %>.

Greenstone uses a cgi executable to generate html which IIS returns to
the user's browser. I'm not sure if IIS would process asp in this
returned html or would send the output of the cgi executable directly to
the browser.

Presumably you would need to use some advanced IIS configuration to take
the output of greenstone's cgi executable and pass it through the asp
engine to process your asp code. I would suggest asking on an IIS forum
or looking up information on IIS for this.

It might be possible to simply add an argument to the end of every
greenstone url, say "&ext=.asp" and this might prompt IIS to use the asp
engine to process the page. I wouldn't be surprised if this didn't work
however, and you needed to configure IIS as talked about in the previous

Regarding what macro file to insert your asp into: If you wanted to
record the hits for every page load, I would suggest changing the header
macro in both (which is used for most pages) and
(which is used for the search page of greenstone). The default macro
will be something like:

GSDL Error

GSDL Error


Change it to something like:

GSDL Error

<% Language=VBScript %>
GSDL Error


hope this helps,


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