Re: [greenstone-users] Wild Cards in advanced search

From Richard Managh
DateFri, 19 Oct 2007 15:17:46 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Wild Cards in advanced search
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Hi Devon,

Devon Cinnamon wrote:
Are there wildcard characters in the advanced search option in Greenstone.  I want to search for a phrase rather than one word at a time. 
For instance if I search for "Red Fox" and I have all the three books listed below my search is going to show me all the books when I only want the 1 book called Red Fox.  
Books in Library
Red Dog
Big Fox
Red Fox

To get the results above, I can only assume that you were inputting red fox without double quote marks before the r in red or after the x in fox.

To perform a phrase search in Greenstone you need to enclose your phrase in double quote marks.

I assume you are inputting

Red Fox     i.e. without quote marks.

what you need is

"Red Fox"

with double quote marks.

How can I specify in my search that Red and fox are together?   Sometimes in the past I've seen searches where you can put in wildcard characters between like ? or *.  Anything like this in Greenstone advance search pages?

Greenstone supports the * wildcard in mgpp and lucene, so if the indexer for your collection is set to mgpp or lucene (rather than mg), search queries such as re* or fo* would work, but dont seem to be what you are after. It looks as if simply adding double quote marks above will suffice for what you want to do.



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