[greenstone-users] PHP code in Greenstone

From Richard Managh
DateTue Feb 12 15:49:10 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] PHP code in Greenstone
Hi Ra?l,

Not by default, directly. It is possible, but it might prove quite
tricky. Either you have php calling greenstone, or greenstone calling
php. It would probably be easier to have php calling greenstone because
otherwise you would have to recompile the greenstone receptionist
executable. You might have a php page which calls the greenstone cgi
executable directly, and interprets any php it finds on the fly, this
seems quite an ugly solution however.

There is another way however, if you had an (html) iframe embedded in
greenstone macro files that referenced a php file, (and the webserver
you are using has php running) then yes you could. But greenstone
wouldnt be interpreting php in this case.

The "right" way to do it however might be to reimplement whatever you
have in php, in greenstone.

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On Feb 12, 2008 7:52 AM, Ra?l Barrera <raul.barrerap@gmail.com
<mailto:raul.barrerap@gmail.com>> wrote:

Hi all, I need to know if it's possible to include php code inside
macro files, can Greenstone interpretate php?
If it's possible is necessary some special configuration?
I hope for answer, thank you.

Ra?l Barrera P.

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